📍 nyc sometimes denmark, italy, atlanta

tw @steffnp / ig
📚 web3 x football directory & slides
🎧 vibes

brand marketing / partnerships / research / curation / strategy

available for paid projects in travel and tourism, football and sport, identity and lifestyle, web3 and tech. available for free as a midfielder or to referee.

projects I've supported:
👻 building and launching Our Stories and Snap Map @ Snapchat
🏠 Airbnb experience & ex-home host
⚽️ connecting sport and purpose to drive social change @ Common Goal
📱 building smart wallet AI/ML-driven app from stealth to acquisition @ Meemo
🌐 launching the NFT marketplace & meeting cool creators @ Coinbase
👟 curating fashion & lifestyle brands, successful reseller on marketplaces
🤝 consulting & advising web3 companies like World of Women in content, brand, product, and partnerships
memories to get to know me.
⚽️ seeing soccer games @Barcelona, Napoli, Rome, Florence, Copenhagen, Berlin, Saint Petersburg World Cup, and across America
✈️ living in 5 countries in 4 years, at one point with some 20+ plane/train/airbnb reservations all at once
⛰️ trip to NZ, herding sheep & bungee jumping in Queenstown
🏃‍♂️ running Italy's oldest marathon in Borgo San Lorenzo, Tuscany
🐂 running with the bulls on slippery cobblestone streets in Pamplona 
🔥 Childish Gambino shows at the Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree California, Tāpapakanga Park near Auckland, Georgia Theatre in Athens, and SXSW in Austin