Welcome in, I’m Steffan ✌️

🏙️ NYC
📍 Firenze
✈️ Often

I’m more active on social media but sometimes share thoughts and resources here:

⚽️ Thoughts on the World Cup in Qatar
🤝 sport x crypto “partnerships” and creating win-win-win scenarios
🔜 Football x Web3 x Impact
🔜 Football Web3 Creators Database
🔜 Lifestyle & Identity Lookbook

I tend to shy away from self-labeling, but consider myself curious, empathetic, and somewhere at the crossroads of football (er, soccer), purpose, web3, and the travel world. I believe in intentionality and the power of small actions. I believe we’re defined and shaped by what we curate, from our social media feeds to the people around us. Conscious curation, identity-building, mindfulness and intentionality are always on my mind.

Professionally, I’m proud of my work experiences:
@Coinbase, learning about web3 & digital ownership, and launching an NFT marketplace.
@Snapchat, building Our Stories and SnapMap, trust & safety policies.
@Common Goal, connecting sport and purpose to drive real social change through the game we love.
@Airbnb, as an Experience Host, Tour Guide & Home Host, meeting beautiful people from around the world.
@The Bloom, supporting the growth of my partner’s startup – a global community for social impact careers.

Blessed to have called home to many beautiful places including Atlanta – Copenhagen – Berlin – Geneva – Florence – San Francisco – and now New York City.

I’d love to hear from you! Please reach out and say hi.

I’m currently available for paid projects in web3, football for good, and travel & tourism.