yo, i’m steffan, welcome ✌️


i’m more active on twitter but sometimes share things here:

📚 web3 x football directory: tools, resources & orgs
🌐 football x web3 x impact: educational deck & resource
✍️ world cup qatar thoughts
✍️ sport x crypto “partnerships” & building win-win-win partnerships
🎧 my top 500ish music
👕 identity & cities lookbook

some words that come to mind about myself … curious, empathetic, impressionable, intentional. i think it’s important to consciously curate your life by how you surround yourself and use your time.

i’m happy for my work experiences over the years:
@Common Goal, connecting sport and purpose to drive real social change through football.
@Coinbase, entering web3, launching NFT marketplace & meeting cool creators.
@Snapchat, building and launching Our Stories & SnapMap, trust & safety policies.
@Airbnb, Experience Host, Tour Guide & Home Host
@The Bloom, supporting my partner’s startup – a global community for social impact careers.

i love to travel and do a semi-nomadic remote thing, and humbled to have had homes in many beautiful places: Atlanta – Copenhagen – Berlin – Geneva – Florence – San Francisco – New York City – Barcelona.

reach out if you want! say hi. could be fun.

I’m currently available for paid projects in web3, football for good, and travel & tourism. 👀