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📚 web3 x football directory: tools, resources & orgs
🌐 football x web3 x impact: educational deck & resource
✍️ world cup qatar thoughts
✍️ sport x crypto “partnerships” & building win-win-win partnerships
🎧 my top 500ish music
👕 identity & cities lookbook (wip)

i’m living in a lot of curiosity and uncertainty but try to be thoughtful and purposeful with every step. what matters are moments, time, people, surroundings… actions and identity. a curated & curious consciousness. if you have the same idea definitely reach out so we can meet.

i usually work remotely and always trying to travel more, and talk about experiences. if you ever need recs, lmk: ATL – CPH – Berlin – Geneva – Florence – SFO – NYC – Barcelona.

some personal highlights:
@Italy, Denmark, Spain, USA; watching live, professional football from FC Barcelona to the USWNT.
@Queenstown, NZ, hiking Roy's Peak & bungee jumping.
@Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy, running Italy's oldest Marathon.
@Pamplona, Spain, running with the bulls.
@NYC, ... just living there.
@Joshua Tree, Tāpapakanga Park, Georgia Theatre, SXSW: new music from Childish Gambino
@Russia: World Cup 2018
professional highlights:
@Snapchat, building and launching Our Stories & SnapMap, trust & safety policies.
@Airbnb, Experience & Home Host.
@The Bloom, supporting my partner Jasmine building a global community for social impact careers.
@Common Goal, connecting sport and purpose to drive social change.
@Coinbase, learning about web3, launching NFT marketplace & meeting cool creators.
@NFT communities & Web3 startups, consulting and advising

I’m available for paid projects in editorial & lifestyle content, web3, football, impact, and travel & tourism.