Reddit – The Front Page of the Internet

Many of you probably know of the popular website known as Reddit. The name comes from combining the words Read and It, who would’ve known? Myself being a Redditor, I can tell you first hand that the clever name is only the beginning of the clever and interesting things you can find on this domain. Honestly, it’s the type of site you can get lost on, being that there are so many random and intriguing “sub-Reddits”. For any of your interests (or pretty much anything you can think of), there is probably a sub-Reddit with humorous content and a dedicated community of Redditors interacting on the page. In turn, Reddit has also become a viable social media source of information as users crowd source news, and quickly seek out the proof that deems the news legitimate.

However, the Business Insider published a report this morning pertaining to Reddit’s traffic stats from 2013. Author Jim Edwards states that although Reddit saw an 83% increase in traffic in 2013 (up to 731 million unique visitors), the site has dwindled to a much smaller amount of social media sharing traffic. Shareaholic found that Reddit’s share of information given to publishers dropped around 36%.

This growth in overall traffic, but decline in shared information can only mean one thing – that Reddit has begun to horde its own information. Publishers are now beginning to “link in” to information from Reddit, whereas Redditors used to do a lot of “linking out” to information found elsewhere online.

For charts, graphs, and more information visit the Shareaholic link posted above. And furthermore, if you are interested, I invite all of you to go check out Reddit for yourselves!


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