World’s Most Liveable City: 2014

World’s Most Liveable City

Every year a study is released by the international global affairs magazine, Monocle, which lists the World’s most liveable cities. I wanted to post about this, because Copenhagen reclaimed the throne for 2013! This does not come as a surprise to me. I was there just last week and my experience there made me believe I could easily live there. The last time I was in Denmark was 2010, and although there would be hardships in moving to another continent, I am fluent and believe the transition would be seamless.


Copenhagen was chosen after world-wide completion of a Quality of Life survey. Areas of interest include: progress and preservation, stimulation and security, global and local. From my experience, I can say that Copenhagen is the frontrunner for both progress and preservation in Europe. The city is incredibly green and sustainable, with windmills lining the horizon and the metro / bicycles being the main forms of transportation. The architecture in Copenhagen is unbelievable, surpassing the stereotypical Ikea products and designs. When it comes to stimulation — I was out bar hopping last week, and have been to a club in Copenhagen years back… The nightlife is mesmerizing. I’ve never felt threatened or that my security was in jeopardy; Danes are the nicest and happiest people. Finally, global and local. Copenhagen is one of the major airport and shipping hubs in Europe, allowing them easy access to the global market. It really is an impressive city that I recommend everyone check out one day!


Monocle has been releasing these studies since 2007, and the last time Copenhagen was number 1 was in 2008. The last couple of years it has been listed as a respectable number 3. The 2013 top 10 are as follows: Copenhagen, Melbourne, Helsinki, Tokyo, Vienna, Zurich, Stockholm, Munich, Sydney, and Auckland. Very interesting to me that the majority of these are in Europe…

I’m interesting in seeing what you guys think! Below I’ve listed a poll:


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