Casa Futebol

Stumbled across this concept and had to share. Casa Futebol is a project from 1week1project following the 2014 World Cup in Brazil that I find fascinating.

“Casa Futebol proposes a reappropriation of the stadiums renovated or built for the World Cup using modules of housing of a surface of 105 m ². It is not a question of denying the interest of Brazilians people for the soccer, otherwise of proposing an alternative in the deficit of housing.”

In this concept, a part of the stadium seats in the arenas would be replaced by prefabricated housing. This project brings human scale and human opportunity into the disproportionate constructions that otherwise anger and disappoint people worldwide. In Brazil, with the housing and transportation issues only increasing, unconventional projects like this could do a lot to help alleviate the problems that the Brazilian government have created. I also believe projects of this nature would build upon the artistic culture in Brazil, and would be something the country would be proud of.

Although there would surely be fire hazards, among other issues including energy/water/sanitation, the project has been fairly well supported. I believe this concept could thrive in terms of the creation of educational facilities and hospitals as well.

With the increasing desire to create the most cutting edge venues and facilities, think longterm. What will Brazil’s Manaus stadium look like in 10 years once the rainforest has reclaimed it? Check out these pictures from Athens, Greece, only 10 years after the 2004 Olympic Games!


Above: Olympic Baseball venue, before and after.


Former Olympic weightlifting champion Pyrros Dimas (sporting hero-turned-Socialist member of Parliament) stated this was “the biggest mistake in our history” to just switch off and lock-up the stadiums once everything was finished. Unsustainable infrastructure is a big problem, so raising awareness as to not support new 100 million dollar one-time-use venues should be prioritized. Maybe it’s not that we “support” these type developments, but simple think that they look cool and don’t see any immediate issues in our lifetime. Well, I don’t think they’re sustainable unless new, and creative, uses/projects like this one from 1week1project are taken seriously and funded.

(photo credits to Getty Images, Castro Mello and Jobson Galdino)


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