Great Product Placement Examples

Today I Learned (one of my favorite subreddits) that before the 1970 World Cup final in Mexico, Puma paid Pele to tie his shoes in the middle of the field seconds before kickoff. The cameraman zoomed in, the world saw the best player at that time rockin’ Puma cleats, and Puma has never been the same since. Brilliant, if you ask me, so thought I would share with my marketing/advertising/soccer loving friends out there.

Another couple of placements that come to mind include:

The infamous Tiger Woods chipshot that went Platinum…

Tuborg beer in an Eminem music video, well, because I’m Danish…

Carlsberg in Spider Man, also because I’m Danish…

And, Apple, in just about everything these days…

What about you? Which product placements have resonated the most?

{images via Thrive Sports, SMH, Esquire, Applemagazine}

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