ArenaLinq – Crowdsourced Intelligence in Football

Whoever you are, and whatever interests brought you here, sit back for a second. Picture a standout, up-and-coming football player from Honduras, winning in-person looks from an Atlanta United FC scout who saw his profile and footage on a mobile device. Or how about a Tottenham Hotspur scout in London, who’s able to find talent across the Atlantic in Montevideo, Uruguay, through a deep digital community connecting players, fans and clubs. This will soon be available with ArenaLinq; a technology introducing crowdsourced intelligence to the footballing world through a mobile scouting solution.

Our platform is where players or fans create their customizable profiles, upload and compile videos of skilled footballers to an online community, and where scouts now have the data to spot a potential next generation star. This ability to quickly and efficiently search and identify skilled undiscovered talent is backed by ArenaLinq. Our team is as equally passionate about “The Beautiful Game” as we are about our core mission. Until now, this player to club “sincerity at scale” model, directly connecting clubs with untapped potential in unreachable markets while providing meaningful first contact was not considered possible. Thanks to our platform, and the increasingly mobile world, it will be available soon.

Consider that there are some 265 million players across the world in over 200 countries. How can a staff of 50 individuals be expected to thoroughly scour all corners of the globe for new talent? To put it simply, club scouts can’t be everywhere but fans are! We believe that player scouting will only reach its full potential by engaging the collective wisdom of the global fan base. Imagine a platform where the scope and effectiveness of player discovery is exponentially magnified, and clubs are able to focus more time and resources on the evaluation and development of their academy players resulting in a better product on the field.

Welcome to the future of football recruiting with ArenaLinq.

If you’re interested in following or joining the ArenaLinq journey, you can connect with us on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

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