Copenhagen Hygge

Velkommen til København! One of my favorite cities in the world. Here’s a map and list of my favorite things do to/see/eat in Copenhagen, with more resources and translations below. Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help!

Travel Resources:

Some quick translations:

  • Hej = Hi / hello
  • Yes = Ja
  • No = Nej
  • Maybe = MĂĽske
  • Do you speak English? = Taler du engelsk?
  • Where’s the bathroom? = Hvor er badevĂŚrelset?
  • Welcome = Velkommen
  • What’s your name? = Hvad hedder du?
  • My name is … = Jeg hedder …
  • Good morning = God morgen
  • Cheers = SkĂĽl!
  • I don’t understand = Det forstĂĽr jeg ikke
  • Good night = God nat
  • Draught beer = Fadøl
  • Here are a bunch more useful phrases.

Copenhagen Recommendations:

  • Visit in June, July, or August — otherwise Christmas, and bring rain gear 🙂
  • Solid day trip plan: Botanical Garden, Rosenborg Castle, Walk down NyHavn Street, Amelianbourg, walk down Langelinie– little mermaid walking area, Kastellet
  • Absalon for a community meal (dinner)
  • Tivoli
  • Nørre Bryhus
  • Nørrebro streets: Elmegade and Jaegersborggade to walk (+ Assistens Cemetery)
  • Midnight Bath at Sofiebadet
  • Freetown Christiania
  • Canal tours with Hey Captain, or Netto Boats (at Nyhavn)
  • Restaurant Barr recommendation and that area in general, from a chef!
  • Rundetaarn observatory and Strøget (shopping street)
  • Eat French Hotdogs from Steff’s Place
  • Jazz at Mojo’s or La Fontaine
  • Bike rentals
  • CopenHot hot tubes and saunas
  • FĂŚrgecafe in Christianshavn
  • Breakfast: Mad og Kaffe, Wulf og Konstali and The Union Kitchen, Far’s Dreng
  • Grisen for bøfsandwich — good price and traditional food
  • Dinner: Grøften, Restaurant Pluto, Restaurant Gorilla, Restaurant Fischer (Best Italian outside of Italy), Manfreds (A little brother to a Michelin restaurant, great prices)
  • Bars: 1105, Duck and Cover, Mikkeler (Danish micro brewery), Curfew, Llama
  • Generator Hostel/Boule Bar for a game of petanque and beers
  • Urban Ranger Camp – Copenhagen – world’s largest indoor high-rope course. (Red Bulletin Sept 15 mag)
  • Copenhagen Air Experience – Scandinavia’s only wind tunnel.
  • Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus: Copenhagen’s most popular cafe bar.
  • Christiania: Free town in CPH, drug influence and market (Pusher street). But very cool experience if you go especially during the day, not night.
  • Frilandsmuseet (open air museum, just north of CPH)
  • TĂĽrnet – Christiansborg slot – free to get in and go to the top – good view
  • Parken for an FC Copenhagen soccer game
  • Hygge

Traditional Danish Foods

  • Fransk hotdog: (french hotdog) most definitely get some of these! Best street food in Denmark. Recommend remoulade (on everything!) and fransk hotdog sauce.
  • Leverpostej: Liver pate. So good, sometimes you’ll see places sell with bacon on top. On rye bread (rugbrød) or french bread. Also with cucumber (agurk) on top.
  • Æbleskiver– “apple pieces” like donut holes. Amazing with jelly and powdered sugar.
  • flĂŚskesteg: pork chop with pork rind hardened and left on top. very good with gravy and potatoes.
  • medisterpølse: long, delicious hot dog. Also get the roasted onions for this.
  • rullepølse: onion and mustard on top of rye bread.
  • Kinder eggs, ice cream with toppings (is med guf), kringles and cakes.
  • Sild: fish – enjoy with some Akvavit (schnapps)
  • Shrimp with mayo on bread- shrimp = rejer.
  • Smørrebrød (butter bread) with salami (rugbrød med spegepølse) with remoulade and roasted onions (ristede løg)
  • Frikadeller: meat balls, usually served with kartofler (potatoes)
  • Breakfast:
  • Can’t go wrong with simple bread + butter + cheese!
  • PĂĽlĂŚgschokolade – also dessert. Heat up bread, butter, put chocolate on!
  • Rundstykker – eat them all. And pastries.
  • Beer: Carlsberg, of course. Tuborg and around Christmas time Julebryg

Skål (cheers) and enjoy my second country! 🇩🇰


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